Making games and selling them to publishers?

Working in the game industry is surely interesting. Especially pitching to publisher may seem scary to many and there are a bunch of legends circling around.

This video gives a nice compilation of stereotypes of the big game companies. I think the logo of Janka is cool 😛 Anyway, the company behind this video – Kixey seems to have quite nice jobs webpage. They do seem to have some attitude there.


A Great book for tech starts

I just read a really great book on how to run a small tech company and felt that I MUST share it with everyone. The book was just so good. It’s called ReWork, which you can get easily either from or from Truly a great piece of work! I found the book by reading Developer magazine and someone mentioned in an article four must-read-books for small game companies. So, without further thinking, I bought the book to my Kindle. And really, it was worth all the money!

The book is made in a very easy-to-read way. I was really stressed out today and all, but wanted to read my new purchase. And just like pure magic, I noticed few hours later that I had reached the back cover (not by cheating this time :-P). It was just so well made and full of great advice. Just to point few, the book tells how to concentrate better on clients, not to spend too much time on planning something that is not really the core-idea. Perhaps the key point in the book is to keep things simple, honest and personal. Forget all the big industry things, make having only a little money an advantage and use the agility of a small company. All those are the key to a great success!

A Must Read!