What’s wrong with Apple?

What’s wrong with Apple? I think many have already seen these iBoy videos floating around in the web. I just had to add my five cents to this discussion. I mean, who makes this stuff? Before reading further, check the first “brilliant” marketing video below:



What did you get out of that? There is a video editing tool that can basically do… the same as other video editing tools (“add Seepia, that’s romantic” – neat). But this at least introduced us to iBoy, the guy who knows everything. But if you thought that is strange, look at the next one:



From iBoy on a plane to iBirth, yay! Now you can make postcards of your wife giving birth! Was this included in the newest OS X version? To be honest, I still did not understand, what is the point here. Is Apple just so known, that they actually don’t need to advertise their products? Just get enough visibility on the media and the computers will sell themselves? At least we know that iBoy sleeps in his Blue Apple shirt. But the best one is yet to come: iFake

If I got this right, the only way to get a real computer is to wait in the line, like iBoy and not to buy iStuff from other stores? But that truly was the best commercial – it had zero information in it. But at least we get to see iBoy again. Is there a secret hint for new product – iBoy! Coming first with blue shirt and later in white for the Chinese (what’s the thing with white phones anyway?).


(ps. I am back!)




Picks of the Week 12

Welcome to picks number 12! This week, unlike last week, has been a slow one. I don’t know why, but it seems not much happening on the game front. However, I do have something to share with you. I don’t want to share just any random stuff, so better to have a little something worth your time than lots of time wasters.

  • The Creators of the great game Machinarium have revelead that they are working under three new projects, that might be released quite soon. Hopefully.
  • The Java4k competion is finally over and the results are out. The idea of the competition is to make a game with Java that is under 4 kb. Which is really nothing 😀 The final results can be read from here.
  • Indiegames.com has a video from IGF where the creators of Octodad were showing their Kinect version of the game. I don’t know whether playing something on Kinect is actually that one… but, I haven’t tried, so who I am to comment?
  • Okay… here is something that is definitely wrong. I mean, really, really wrong! Playmobil has created an Apple Store Playset for kids, featuring a Steve Jobbs. Where is this world going to?

Really little eh? Well, that happens.