Picks of the Week 15

Hello hello again! And happy labors day, the greatest day ever!

  • Nintendo has announced that they are indeed making a new game console and releasing it in 2012! It seems that they will be showing of their new console in the E3 this year. What will it really be about? We will see soon 😉
  • As an answer to Nintendo’s announcement, both Sony and Microsoft have said that they are targeting for 2014 with their next generation consoles. Interesting to see if Nintendo can get an upper hand with their move or what will happen in this competition of making the mega-awesomest consoler ever!
  • The internet went crazy with the announcement of Nintendo and immediately GameTheory was asking for the top 10 features they want to see in the new console. Well, I think the HD graphics would just be common sense. Otherwise, I am hoping for something new, not just the boring competition of who can make the best graphics. There are more to games than that!
  • Continuing with Gametheory, they also posted about the Best new video games that are (or at least should be) coming out this summer. I am still skeptical with Duke Nukem Forever… I mean, you never know 😉
  • I hate everything related to Social Media gaming. Everyone is doing their facebook games or whatever social media games. That is just lame and the games are usually annoyingly BORING! They just seem to like using social media to make it look more sexy. It is not! However, I came across this interesting project of making a game that is affected by Twitter tweets. Sounds interesting, yet I don’t know how well it could work in the end. Anyway, I suggest you to take a look at least to the kickstarter page of Tweet Land and check the video. The game has already gained their funding goal, so it will be really made.
  • Experimental Game Dev Podcast had a discussion about the passion behind the hit iPhone game Single Life. It is game where you have just only life (although you may train to level before actually playing for real). Maybe a little bit cliché, but people seem to like the game.
  • GameSetWatch featured a trailer of a new game coming out soon for iPhone (sorry, it is not intentional to put so much Apple stuff here). A Pig’s tale: Herbert’s day out just seems quite strange a game. Read the article for trailer and more info.
  • AngryAnt released a new update to the Behavior Tree tool for Unity. The tool is really good for creating AI for games using behavior trees. Really worth checking out!
  • And more good news! Pirates of the Caribbean will be released as a Lego game! I loved Lego Star Wars and can’t wait to see Johny Depp as a Lego character bouncing through levels 😉