Making games and selling them to publishers?

Working in the game industry is surely interesting. Especially pitching to publisher may seem scary to many and there are a bunch of legends circling around.

This video gives a nice compilation of stereotypes of the big game companies. I think the logo of Janka is cool 😛 Anyway, the company behind this video – Kixey seems to have quite nice jobs webpage. They do seem to have some attitude there.

Chrono Trigger Coming Soon!

I just noticed that Chrono Trigger is coming soon to iOS! I remember reading something about the eventual release somewhere, but the release date is coming close. For those who don’t know what Chrono Trigger is, I just have one thing to say – Shame On You! The game is one of the best RPG games ever made (not counting FFVI & FFVII for example). It includes everything a nerdy guy can want – time travel, parallel universes, different endings, a frog man. For those who have no idea, I suggest checking out the wikipedia article. The rest of you, here is the soon-to-be-released-trailer (for iOS):


ps. I just bought myself the full special edition of Indie Movie. I have high hopes for this thing 😉