Picks of the Week 10

This is it. Already picks number 10 (yeah, I missed one, because of traveling but that happens 😉 ). Again, because of travelling, I have to beg your pardon for not having more links this week. I am not quite sure if it is just me or was this week slower than normal? Anyway, at the time of this post hitting the Internet I will be trying to recover from the Fallas. Hope you are having a better Sunday than I am 😉

  • Game Theory had an article covering few tips on how the indie developers can avoid work-for-hire problem. In the end the article wasn’t really that convincing, but going full-time indie won’t probably be possible unless you don’t do some contract jobs also.
  • IndiePub announced it’s 2011 Propeller awards on last Sunday. The grand prize of 50.000 dollars went to GliD. Congratulations!
  • Nordic Game Conference 2011 will be held on 10-13th of May in Malmö, Sweden. This is a good place for the Nordic indies to get some publicity, get to know people and perhaps even learn something? The submissions for the Indie Night are due to 21st of March (so when you read this, you have one day 😛 ).
  • Rock Paper Shotgun informed that someone has actually did a Kinect hack to use with the famous Garry’s Mod. Now it is possible to move characters according to your own real-life movements.
  • Valve has permanently banned one customer because of trying to sell the Steam account to another person. Gameinformer has more insight to the matter, but this really makes you think. What if they would like to close my account for on reason or the other? That would really be a huge bummer, losing all the games I have purchased (although most of them I have bought on discount prices, but still!).
  • IndiePub has a short 5 point collection of most important things go from Mochi Flash Game Summit.
  • Here is a crazy game, called QWOP. The idea is to move the thighs and calves of the runner and do a great time on 100 meters sprint. One might think that’s easy but… well, give it a try 😉 I was able to reach 5 meters exact 😀
  • GameSutra: How I learned to love the Indie.