Picks of the Week 12

Welcome to picks number 12! This week, unlike last week, has been a slow one. I don’t know why, but it seems not much happening on the game front. However, I do have something to share with you. I don’t want to share just any random stuff, so better to have a little something worth your time than lots of time wasters.

  • The Creators of the great game Machinarium have revelead that they are working under three new projects, that might be released quite soon. Hopefully.
  • The Java4k competion is finally over and the results are out. The idea of the competition is to make a game with Java that is under 4 kb. Which is really nothing 😀 The final results can be read from here.
  • Indiegames.com has a video from IGF where the creators of Octodad were showing their Kinect version of the game. I don’t know whether playing something on Kinect is actually that one… but, I haven’t tried, so who I am to comment?
  • Okay… here is something that is definitely wrong. I mean, really, really wrong! Playmobil has created an Apple Store Playset for kids, featuring a Steve Jobbs. Where is this world going to?

Really little eh? Well, that happens.