Making games and selling them to publishers?

Working in the game industry is surely interesting. Especially pitching to publisher may seem scary to many and there are a bunch of legends circling around.

This video gives a nice compilation of stereotypes of the big game companies. I think the logo of Janka is cool 😛 Anyway, the company behind this video – Kixey seems to have quite nice jobs webpage. They do seem to have some attitude there.


Modern Warfare 3 Breaks sales record

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 has broken the all time fastest entertainment sales record (Call of Duty NewsCNET). The game has been sold for over $1 billion US dollars in 16 days. That is a huge record and breaks the previous one (breaking 1 billion mark in 17 days), which was made by James Cameron’s 3D movie Avatar.

What should people think about this? In my opinion this shows, that video game industry is really a notable part of the whole entertainment industry. A lot of people still consider games are made just for kids and teenagers, but truly, that cannot be the case anymore. Even the late night shows are using games to make jokes (continuing on the path of MW3, here is a take from Jay Leno).  With the rise of tablets and smart phones (iOS on the forefront), playing games is becoming more common even in the life of Average Joe’s.

I truly hope that video game industry would soon be considered as a more realistic (although still maturing) part of the entertainment business. If someone wants to join the industry and become a game programmer, artist or designer, that person should not be gazed weirdly as some geeky backroom nerd. After all, he (or she) is making your next Skyrim, Batman or Angry Birds.