Month of Kinect Fitness

Hello Everyone!

A few weeks ago I bought myself Kinect for Xbox360 and I have been thinking a lot of things since then. Most of the games I have come across lately have not been that awesome (except for the Gunstringer being smartly created story-wise). Nonetheless, I am 100% sure that Kinect is something that can blow up the bank, once someone just figures out how to use this new controlling paradigm.

Well, my goal here is not to promote Kinect (but in case someone at Microsoft reads this, I can do that for a small price 😉 ), but to write about my experiences with the system. I have been sitting on my butt for quite some time now and been meaning to start training. Well, maybe not today, but tomorrow 😛 So, as I had Kinect and noticed the amount of training games it has, I decided to buy one and start practicing with it. After doing some fast googling and youtubing (those ARE VERBS!) I went for Your Shape: Fitness Evolved, even though the name sounds a little bit umm… gymnastic for my taste. Well, sometimes you have to throw prejudices out of the window and jump to something new – and that’s what I did.

For the next month from now on, I promise (whether you care or not :-P) to write about my experiences with the fitness game. I hope to get in shape with the help of the game (being too lazy to get out of the house and hit the gym – especially now that it is damn cold here in Finland and just snowing every day). Hopefully toying around with the game is fun and training goes almost by itself (which I hugely doubt). Anyway, I am about to find out.

Few words about my current physical condition. For the last six months I haven’t had time (or so I tell to myself) to really work out. Considering this, I am not in the best possible condition, but I try my best to get back the great physique I once had. However, currently a solid 30 minute cardio training would probably be something I could not handle 😛

Day 1

Dear diary. Today I started my month of training with Kinect. In the beginning, the system scanned me and tried to guess my height (which went completely wrong, it thought I am 170 cm although I am 190). Also, the Kinect bugged for some reason and did not manage to look down enough to see my feet. However, it fired the first practicing program where it taught me the basics of the game and tried to calibrate the system to my current level of physique. Some of the tests went straight to hell, because Kinect did not see my feet. When I tried to recalibrate the system, Xbox decided to quit the game and go in to calibration mode (although when I started the game first time it did the calibration there?). Once I got back to the game, it had forgotten my settings and I had to start all over again.

Well, after going through the test exercises again, I finally got to the menu where I was able to continue practicing how I wanted. As there was option for personal trainer, I was kinda waiting for some suggestions on how to train – but no. Well, it did give me recommendations on what I should do. Well, as I am open to everything new, I went with the recommendations (in the end, personal trainer is supposed to know what is good for me… right? RIGHT?).

As my first recommended workout I received some leg training. I had already pumped through the test exercises twice (all leg training), but what the heck, I guess it’s just for my own good? I did 10 minutes short workout and then somehow managed to continue with another 10 minutes leg workout. After finally getting through the 40 minutes of plain leg workout, I was ready to drop dead. However, given my old habits of practicing a lot, I couldn’t give up yet. I still had to do some biceps. I decided to take a short 10 minute bicep training, but guess what – it had leg exercises included!!

I survived somehow. Yet, I was expecting more full body exercises and a little less leg workout. I got something else, but perhaps my personal trainer living inside the Xbox knows better 😛 After one hour of jumping and squatting in front of the TV I was dripping from sweat. At least it really had some effect. The time did go really fast and in the end I enjoyed a lot – although I would like a little less legs the next time. After all, how hard would it be to remember my last exercises and not include any more legs after 30 minutes of solely pumping those!

Anyway, day 1 is now over and the game is open. Tomorrow my legs will be quite sore, I am sure. However, I will keep going and see what tomorrow brings. I hope it’s a little bit less leg workout and more on the upper body 🙂


3 thoughts on “Month of Kinect Fitness

  1. I’ll be excited to see whether you will keep at it. My late wife went all in on Wii Fit some years ago, praising it for being both a game and a workout which would hopefully keep her interested. I think she used it for a month – then the novelty wore off and all there was left was exercise 😉

    • I think that is exactly what probably happens to me. I am just interested to find out when it happens and why 🙂 And if it gets me back in shape (or at least on a path towards that goal) I’m happy.

    • Kinect fitness games are good. Good way to train in home.

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