Picks of the Week 16

Hello all and welcome to the Picks number 16! First of all I want to say that FINLAND WON ICE HOCKEY WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP! All the goals can be seen from here. What an awesome night it was!

  • Gametheory Online had an article about Creating video game trailers to enhance marketing. And just few moments after adding this link, I saw a good example of trailer you should never make. 2nd Guest Trailer.
  • Nordic Game Indie Showcase has been announced. Even one Finnish (at least 50% Finnish) production is featured! YAY!
  • Game Developer Magazine published its 10th annual salary survey. According to the survey, being an indie game developer does not make you rich. Individual indie devs seem to make a little over 11.000 USD per year. Read more from Indiegames.com post.
  • And Crowdfunding continues. Few weeks ago I posted about the crowdfunding and introduced 8-bit gaming, that is targeted only for video games funding. Now, Gamasutra has another article that talks about the different ups and downs of different crowdfunding sites.
  • RockPaperShotgun gave an interesting short review on Lume. The game itself is made completely in real-world as a carton doll-house and filmed with a video camera. Really interesting concept.
  • Some still bother to make really bad games. I already had my doubts about Hydrophobia Prophecy and it seems I was right. Read the first impressions from RPS. And no, don’t make games like that, even though it sounds fun.
  • Yes! Someone has answered to my silent prayers. Some of you probably remember such old games as Flashback and Another World. Well, now there is a new game continues with the glorious steps of its predecessors. May I present you: Concurrence. It seems, that also Indiegames.com featured a video of the gameplay and some more info. Go and check that out too!

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