Picks of the Week 13

Hello! As this post is coming out, I am enjoying my vacation in Morocco. The next few weeks will go without updates, because of my trip. Sorry for this, but I will be back fresh and with more energy at the end of the month 😉

  • RockPaperShotgun has got their hands on information about the possible return of Max Payne. I really loved the first two ones and with the great mods (dual-wielding anyone?) it was even better 😀 Although I am a bit worried about the amount of sequels coming all the time.
  • Wired has reviewed Gemini Rue, a Blade Runnerish scifi adventure game. I would really like to get my hands on this one, yet I currently don’t have enough time to play this through. However, the game will definitely go to my summer’s shop list.
  • IndiePub had an interesting article about how games are getting worse by the time. The writer makes an analogue to cannibal tribe and bad genes of the royal families of Europe. At least there is a point behind the talk and I agree. Make something new.
  • And where copying goes, just after reading the article above I came up with this post on Indiegames.com. Someone has done a real Metroid copy called Minitroid. The video looks exactly like metroid, with all the graphs just changed a little bit – but the weapons like bombs and rockets are there. And moving as a small rolling ball. Well, I DO love Metroid, but still. What did I just say about originality?
  • Classic Video Game Deaths, the Ludologist features a nice video with a collection of deaths in different games. The music was really good for the atmosphere and the video brought back some memories. Good times.
  • The Ludologist posted an amazing (although pretty long, but thorough) video of how Braid’s design choices formed from the first prototype to the final version. Really worth your time.

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