Picks of the Week 7

This week there has been a lot of talk in the internet and twitter about the coming of the Game Developer Conference in San Francisco. Sadly, I cannot attend myself, but perhaps next year? Well, I won’t be featuring very much stuff about the GDC now, but perhaps more in the next week’s picks, when the conference is actually over. In the meantime, check out this weeks links, feel free to comment and if you like the stuff, subscribe!

  • GameTheory had an article about whether Big Budget games are still necessary or not? I believe the will be and will compete in their own category (although, the budgets really have to go down a bit).
  • The Resolution magazine had A look at the IGF. It is a short discussion on the effect of the IGF to the indie game makers.
  • Gemini Rue, a Blade Runner -like adventure game is to be released soon for PC. Here is an interview with the makers of the game.
  • Rock Paper Shotgun listed the 122 best games of the last 22 years. Have YOU played all of them? I haven’t, but almost.
  • Mobile Gaming, secrets and myths. EA Vice President of Mobile Worldwide studios gave a speech about the myths of mobile gaming. Do people really play mobile games only on a train? Read the article here.
  • Want to hear something awesome? According to Rock Paper Shotgun a blind gamer has completed Abe’s Exodus with only the help of audio cues! That is really something!
  • Gamasutra has an article on the future trends for the video game industry. Read the article here.
  • While you are there, also check out an article about Gaming the new era of Facebook.
  • The Ludologist informed that Game Studies have released a Special issue on game reward systems.
  • Good news for you multiplatform, networking game developers: The Nexon Initiative have announced a competition where they give a total of one million dollars as prizes and possibility for a publishing contract. Check it out!
  • Cities is Motion is finally out! It is a game about creating a transportation network to a city. Like Transporter Tycoon. Check out the trailer on the game’s website. One thing to notice: The game is made by a Finnish game studio Colossal Order.
  • The GDC in San Francisco will be starting tomorrow. For an indie point of view, the gameinformer.com has a look to what is going to happen. Check the stories here.

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