Picks of the Week 3

Hello Everyone again and welcome to the 3rd picks of the week! Another week has passed in the computer world and game land. One notable thing going on has been the case of World of Starcraft. A guy modded his own version of WoW and got sued by Blizzard. Things do seem to look better now 😀 Well, lets get to the business.

  • Here is an interesting article about how much indie PC devs make anyway, published by Gamasutra. Interesting at least those of you who plan on starting your own company. Also something for those who are thinking whether to pay for indie games or not. Part 1 and Part 2.
  • For those students out there that are doing games as a school projects, Game Career Guides have published an article on how to be a successful student video game producer. It is pretty simple, but might at least give some insight to project coordination.
  • RockPaperShotgun posted a nice collection post on paper Half-Life. Check out the post and the videos (all the credit to these guys).
  • This French guy has made his own version of 3D without glasses. Really looks unhealthy and scary.
  • Ulitsa Dimitrova is a sad game about homeless child on the streets of St. Petersburg. You can rob vodka, beg for money and deliver glue for other kids. Really strange idea for the game. If you are not interested in playing, at least check the “trailer” on the main site.
  • Here is a very good article for those who are planning on making a platformer one day. The part about prototyping is something I really suggest on doing. One week spent for nothing feels a lot less bad than two months completing a full game that ends up being boring.
  • For those of you interested in software development methods, I came across a good collection of SCRUM resources.
  • Continuing with the platformers: here is a good article from Gamasutra about best selling platformer games. Even though it is from 2006, it has a lot of good ideas (and I don’t know if you really can say, that the genre has changed that much in the last 4 years?)
  • Indie Game Challenge has revealed their 12 finalists on non-professional and professional category. Read some more from Gamasutra.
  • Also, Best UDK (Unreal Development Kit) Games were awarded during last week. Check the results from IndieDB.
  • And last but not least, the thing everyone probably waited to be the first link, but nope, I left the best for the end 😉 YEAH BABY! Duke is back! At least seems to be coming back. Eurogamer announced on Friday, that Duke Nukem Forever release date will be 6th of May worldwide (you lucky yankees get already on 3rd).


So that is for this week. If you are interested to keep posted on the updates to this blog, please subscribe. Feel free to leave comments. You can also find me from Twitter @Japskua. Have a nice week!


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