Picks of the week 2

Welcome to the Picks of the Week number 2

  • The Voxel Music Man did his feature in last week’s Pick of the week. Now the developers of Voxatron have released the trailer music as an mp3 along with the music source.
  • Here is an interesting article about why game creators should never read their own forums.
  • Continuing with Minecraft themes. A game named Nathan Viniconis has created software to add yourself to Minecraft via Kinect… Kinda strange (or cool?).
  • AIGameDev.com has published their predictions for the coming year in field of Game AI. One notable thing here (in my opinion) is the return of old-school AI with the growing amount of mobile phone games.
  • It seems like Interactive fiction is making it’s return. I remember playing those games (or should I say reading?) when I was a kid, although they weren’t that popular anymore.
  • Luxury Daily reported on how augemented reality can advance luxury digital marketing strategies. Kind of interesting, yet although printing a paper clock to your wrist and then holding it a little ankwardly in front of the webcam is still pretty far away from the science fiction novels. Anyway, I still like the idea, I wonder when we have to start printing ourselves paper clothes to see how something looks on us.
  • Even though typing of the dead was a classic (in a questioned sense) someone has done another typing based shooter Z-type. It was actually pretty funny to play for a short while (played up to level 22 and then got bored)
  • The Trashmaster GTA IV movie is available via Dailymotion. A whole hour and a half of machinima for us out there. Get some popcorn and spend your Sunday evening happily with this peculiar masterpiece
  • Gamasutra published an article about the Future of 3D web games. Here is some insight to the future, whether it will be Flash or Unity that will dominate as a web game platform (or something else?). One thing I still don’t understand, how one does make money with web games?
  • Shogun 2 – Total War Campaign trailer came out on wednesday. I really can’t wait to get my hands on the new total war. I still remember how I was completely astonished by the Shogun: Total War. It was something awesome! In my opinion, it is still the best of the total war saga.
  • TechSpot posted a story about the possibility of PSP2 (Playstation Portable 2). Interesting to see what this will eventually be like. Having a PS3 in my pocket sounds neat 😀
  • This might be old news for some of you guys, but here is a short youtube video on what three talented artists can do with google docs.

As an extra, here is a song about the reason why I have lost a lot of sleep lately. Thank you Civilization 5.


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