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As the new year has finally come, I decided to start writing stuff about interesting IT/gaming/other stuff that has happened during the week, so I can share my two cents for the whole world.

Many sites seem to be writing best of 2010 lists, where they post about the best games/movies/etc. of the year. I will not go for that trick, because the web is already full of such things, I will just plagiate and give you the links to go after.

I was watching MoonTV (a famous finnish underground television channel, that went under and was later brought back to life for internet broadcasting) and they showed this finnish rap-band and their song FIN. Here is a link, check it out if you are interested (rap isn’t my thing, but was something fresh for a while).

  • Here is an article about the average gamer . It seems that average gamer is actually a person who plays (maybe even buys?) the average crappy games that are being made (WoW, CoD anyone?). In my opinion, the average Joe’s games are boring to make and play.
  • From the makers of Flower , coming this year another artistic, very interesting game called Journey. There is no fighting, story or anything whatsoever. You just travel in the world and sometimes get company from another traveller – but that is it. Interesting to see what comes out of this piece (at least the trailer gave me a nice feeling).
  • A really cool looking trailer I came across is about another indie game called Voxatron. Definitely what appealed to me most was the retro feel of the music and voxel music man
  • Those who know Minecraft (shame on you if you don’t!), here is an illustrated guide to minecraft
  • For the promised best of 2010 list go check IndieGames’ Top Browser Arcade Games 2010
  • A ridiculous amount of cars driving at the same time without any collision detections between each other
  • Everyone tries to compete on different motion recognition. Now Razer has developed their own motion controller called Hydra
  • Game Career Guide has announced a new design challenge. Design a game for Nintendo 3DS.
  • GameDev also mentioned, that there is a work going on to make XNA work with iOS, Silverlight and Android, read the full article.

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