Android codecamp

The University of Lappeenranta has a habit of arranging codecamps once in a while. The idea of such a codecamp is to learn to program on a certain kind of platform in an intensive (usually) week-long “camp”. Lots of students gather together to create new applications and to learn new technologies. This time the codecamp is about Android programming. The camp is held between 15th and 19th of March. This time, in addition to University students we also have participants from the Saimaa Polytechnic. This means that the competition is even tougher than before, the room is more crowded, the atmosphere is even better and the smell after the long days (and nights!) of programming will be really something! More about the codecamp can be found from here:
A picture from the starting day

About Android

Propably many of the readers know already something about Android, but nonetheless, I am going to give a very short description of Android.

Android is an operating system created by Google for mobile phones. Most of the phones sold here in Finland are not yet Android based, but the amount of Android phones on the markets is growing all the time. The development community of Android is really active and it seems that there are lots of tutorials available out there (just go and google out!).  Android platform is also completely open source, so anyone with enthusiasm and knowledge can make it even better. Google also provides pretty good APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) for their own services, like google maps and so on… You can read a lot more about android from

My Team

We are having three persons groups during this codecamp. My team mates are Rostislav Malevich and Johannes Tattari, with whom I have already participated on many codecamps (actually this is the 5th one for Rostislav 😛 ). We do not have any experience of Android before, so this will be a very interesting chance to learn something new. Johannes also has an Android phone, so this will give him some programming experience to start his own projects. Our idea is to make a location based virtual mobster game, where the player fights for ownership of territories against other players. The actual project can be found from the University’s codecamp wiki: If you are interested in finding out more, please go and visit the page!

Rostislav and Johannes programming


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